13 Homeschool Resources

I found these great resources at Happy to Be at Home

1. Homeschool Through Highschool: Loads of great information for homeschoolers, especially for those who plan to homeschool throughout the high school years.

2. WorksheetWorks.com: This free site is overflowing with incredible resources for homeschoolers. You can find worksheets (that you can customize) is math, English, geography, and a number of other subject. This is one of my favorite sites by far.

4. Ambleside Online: I’d heard of this site before, but I had never investigated it until now. Great free information (using the Charlotte Mason method) that you could use to prepare almost an entire curriculum.

5. Donna Young: Donna’s site is a staple for many homeschool families. She’s got a little bit of everything on this site, including drawing lessons that I really enjoy using with my kids.

6. Vocabulary Coach: Various word games and activities to help you learn over 4,000 vocabulary words. There are several different options to choose from and you also have the choice to view words according to difficulty.

7. An Old-Fashioned Education: A directory of free homeschool curricula, literature and text books organized for the use of homeschooling families. Full-text books, available for free online, are organized in an easy-to-use manner for homeschoolers.

8. Starfall: An excellent online learn-to-read program. It’s both well-organized and well-done.

9. The Math Worksheet Site: This site allows you to generate math worksheets in multiple levels of the math curriculum. There are many customizable features on each worksheet so you can tweak them to your needs, and since it’s a generator, you get a different worksheet every time you print one out. The free section of the site is great, but the subscriber section is even better; it’s well worth subscribing at the very low cost. You could even subscribe for a month and print out as much as you want.

10. Math Drills and Games: I like my kids to do some kind of math drill over the basic operations several times a week. But instead of boring written math drills each time, I often send them here to Sheppard Software. Most of the games are fast paced enough that it drills the facts quite well.

11. Education World: There’s just tons of stuff on this site. Some of the geography curriculum we’ve used I downloaded from this site: Where in the World is Mrs. Waffenschmidt and A-Z Geography. There are many helpful resources in every subject area at Education World, but sometimes you have to dig a little deep to find them.

12. Geography Games: Sheppard Software also has some fantastic geography quizzes disguised as games. The games are customizable and you can even do learning modes in all three categories: capitals, geography, and landscape. This is one of my favorite sites for online geography practice.

13. How Stuff Works: Does your child want to know how a refrigerator works? How about how toilets work? My kids have asked both of these questions, so we went to this site for the answers. HSW isn’t a boring site either, answering questions with just words; they usually have animations or videos to help get the point across, and they do a great job!

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