a safety PSA

So in my layout in the post below, you may have seen that we had a small gas leak in our home, in a pipe going to our hot water heater. The alarm seen here, alerted us (quite loudly) literally moments before we left the house to go to Shane’s sisters wedding.  I CANNOT recommend enough that everyone get one of these.

We bought this a year or two ago, because we have an older home, and I am a worrywart, 🙂
It is a combination Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas alarm, it cost us about 60 dollars. We put it in our basement laundry room, where our water heater and furnace are.  It is EXTREMELY sensitive, for which I am so thankful.  When the gas man came to check it out, he said at first that
the alarm must be malfunctioning because his equipment wasn’t reading any problem when he came in our house. It wasn’t until he was right up to the leaking pipe that his showed a reading.
And was about 10 minutes before the gas traveled upstairs, to where I had put the alarm on the kitchen table, and it went off again.  So I am fairly confident we caught it right as it began to be a problem.

Anyway, just a little FYI for everyone out there  🙂

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