Using Pinterest to Catalog Items

I had an idea the other day, that while a simple one, I think could be helpful to some of you. I shared it in a Facebook group I am in and it was very well received, so I hope it helps you as well.

Recently, while going thru some old recipes (for a future blog post, 🙂 ) I came across a scrap of paper that I had written some silverware patterns on for “safe keeping”.

On that list was my mother’s silverware pattern, the pattern of some silver serving pieces I got at a garage sale, and our own silverware we got as wedding gifts. A great thing to have on hand should I find a great deal on Ebay, or a thrift store.

I started thinking- it would be great to have all the pattern names of our dishes, glassware, and silverware compiled and somewhere safe…….. I should write them all down and take beautiful pictures of them……… and create  something wonderful to store in the cloud for safe keeping……..would be good for insurance purposes too…… but I want to be able  to have it with me while I am out thrifting and garage sale shopping…….. wait what about PINTEREST?!?!?

Yep, that’s pretty much how that went, only really really fast 🙂

So, I created a board on Pinterest, and started searching for photos of our silverware, china, and glassware. I also included things like some singular tea cups we have. Even though we only have one or two of them, if they should ever need to be replaced, or I happen to find something from that pattern I would like to buy, it’s nice to have a photo and pattern name to make sure they match before purchasing.

I also created a section within the board (did you know that you can do that?) where I have placed some items I am keeping my eye out for, or would like as a gift sometime in the future, perhaps the gravy boat that matches your china, or the serving set for your silverware could go here.

Here is an example of what this could look like:

And then, when you open an individual section, you see the pattern information and any notes you have made, for example “tea cup from Aunt Lillian”.

One last tip, as you see on my example board (which is a fictitious board I created for this blog post) I highly suggest that you make this a secret board when you create it on Pinterest. This board is simply for your information, and you might not want the world to know the contents of your china cabinet, or the value there in. 🙂

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  1. What a great idea! I love secret boards for a variety of things and this is so smart. I’ll look at a color or a pattern and I’m sure I’ll recognize it when I get out, only to be in doubt when I find something. Thanks for sharing.

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