2018 Keeping It Together- FREE planner!!!!

I not only have a blog, I love to read blogs! You will find a few of my favorites over on the sidebar. And of course I love recipe blogs :). Years ago, I found Southern Plate and absolutely fell in love. Christy Jordan weaves stories of her family and childhood with really wonderful homestyle recipes. She is the author of 3 cookbooks with recipes that are simple to make. I know your family will fall in love with them, just as ours has.

Beyond her blog and regular Facebook page, Christy hosts a group that is more close knit, called Christy Jordan’s Front Porch Fellowship. In that group, we share stories and prayer requests, and Christy frequently does Facebook lives where she shares things she is learning in her own person Bible study. She recently began posting the references daily to what she is reading so we can all read along and discuss together.

All in all, it is so encouraging to find a space on the internet that is positive, encouraging, and full of people that love the Lord. it’s breath of fresh air in my News Feed.

So what is this free planner that I teased you all about in the title? Well, Christy commissioned someone to create a BEAUTIFUL planner just for her subscribers. I have been struggling to find something I like,  that has the sections I need, with a design I love. Friends, I think I have found it <3 I actually squealed when I opened the email from Christy about it.

If you would like to get a copy of the planner for yourself, AND be signed up for emails from Christy when she posts a new recipe, click this link to sign up:

2018 Keeping It Together Planner – FREE!

You will then be emailed the information you need to download your own copy of this gorgeous planner.

***This post is not sponsored in anyway by Southern Plate, though I do have permission to share.  I just happen to love the site, and want to share awesome things with you when I find them***

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