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Katie had her second horseback riding lesson yesterday and once again she did really great. She is continuing to learn about taking care of the horse, as well as how to saddle it up and ride.

Yesterday she worked on her reining skills and she did some pole work, weaving Two Bit in between a series of poles.

The most exciting part of the day though, was when her instructor, Emily, got up on the horse with her and they cantered. It was the fastest she had gone on a horse, and I could tell she absolutely LOVED it.

She is really quite in awe of her instructor, Emily. She is very cool, 🙂 She took us to her house yesterday to let Katie borrow some horse books, and not only is Emily a horse lover, but we found out she plays guitar too. Acoustic AND electric mind you, LOL

I am so very grateful my girl has this opportunity, it is so neat to see some of her dreams come true in this way.

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