A Better Choice

I love telling others about products I love, so today I am sharing about our new water filtration system.

When it comes to making healthier choices for our family, sometimes the very BEST choice that could be made is cost prohibitive. In those cases, I try to research if there is a BETTER choice. Such is the case for our water filtration at home.

Ideally, I would like to get a top of the line Berkey system with as many ceramic filters as will fit….. but I can’t justify paying that kind of money for the system or replacement filters down the road.

So to date, we have used pitcher systems, and for many years a filter hooked up to our faucet directly. I felt like it did OK, I could taste a difference in the water, but it was SO ugly, and took up space in sink area.

Recently I was on a Facebook page where tea brewing was being discussed and a woman mentioned that her tea had never been clearer or tasted better since she got a ZeroWater filter.  Now previously I have learned that the temp you brew your tea at greatly effects the clearness of the brew, but it also made sense that the better the filter on your water, the clearer the brew would be as well.

I had never heard of ZeroWater, so I quickly Googled and saw that they had impressive reviews and claimed to produce water that had 0.00 TDS (total dissolved solids) in their filtered water. They even provide a water tester with each unit you purchase so you can see the results for yourself, and monitor your filter until it needs changing. I also learned that they have 5 stage filters, versus typical pitcher/sink filters which are 2 stage.

While on Amazon, I saw that they had plastic pitchers, and larger plastic units for your fridge. While I was intrigued,  I really didn’t want to take a step backward and start using plastic again. But then, I saw a glass and stainless steel counter top unit. It’s price wasn’t too bad, and it was an attractive unit.

So I did more searching and read more reviews. It seemed like this would be a BETTER choice for our water needs.

This is a BETTER choice for us because of all the things it is removing from our water, including 99% of fluoride, but there is still some plastic exposure due to the filter being plastic and not ceramic. It is however one of the safer types of plastic.

Beyond that, so far I am thrilled. I did test our tap, and sink filtered water, and finally the ZeroWater filtered water.

Our tap water read 200, exactly what the map that was sent with the filter projected for my state.  For the sink filtered water, I got a 148. Now in it’s defense, the filter is due to be changed, but that’s not much of an improvement. Finally I tested the water filtered with the new ZeroWater dispenser:

I was definitely impressed! So I tasted it, and I could ABSOLUTELY taste a difference, and it was so CLEAR.

I have not had to change the filter yet, but I was happy to see that Bed Bath and Beyond carries them, so I am able to use coupons to save some money on them.

All in all, I am so pleased with our filter system. We saved a substantial amount of money over a Berkey system, and I think the glass portion of the Zero Water system is more attractive than a full stainless steel one.

And of course the next thing I did was brew a pitcher of tea. How is that for a beautiful glass of iced tea?  😀  The pitcher of tea stayed crystal clear even through the next day, when I finished it .

Note: Though I wish it was, this is NOT a sponsored post, 🙂 Also, I replaced the plastic spigot that came with the unit, with a stainless steel version to further reduce our exposure to plastic.

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