A huge wish come true….

In honor of my ***SIX YEAR digi-versary, I have an announcement that has nothing to do with me, other than making me very happy, 😀


The back story:

I was in a couple of chats (scrapbooking) featuring my VERY FAVORITE scrapbooker in the entire universe, Cathy Zielske, a few weeks ago, it was SO much fun!  Not only is she a wonderful designer, she is incredibly funny.
Several of us were encouraging her to take the leap to the dark side, and share her wonderful design style with the digital world. She hinted that she was really interested, and was learning Photoshop (being a graphic designer she works mostly in In Design.)
And a couple of weeks later, we have the joyous news the CZ has joined Designer Digitals and will be selling Photoshop templates!!!!
Can you tell I am just a little tiny bit excited?  Check out all the goodness right HERE.

*** I have been digitally scrapbooking since October 2003- WOOT!

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