Adding bluetooth to an older vehicle

I have an older vehicle that has bluetooth capabilities for making/receiving phone calls, but not for streaming music. I love being able to play music from my phone in the car when I am driving, and plugging in the aux cord and having cords dangling really isn’t my thing.

So I was thrilled when I was scrolling thru a suggested gift list of things on Amazon and saw a bluetooth FM transmitter  for under $20.

Remember when mp3 players first came out and FM transmitters where one way to listen to them in your car? They never really worked that great, so I was surprised to see this new version of them, and even more surprised that the one listed had really good reviews.

So, I added it to my Wish List, and when Amazon emailed me about a Lightning Deal that brought the price down to $13, I couldn’t resist, 🙂

FM Transmitter, Otium Bluetooth Wireless Radio Adapter Audio Receiver Stereo Music Tuner Modulator Car Kit with USB Charger, Hands Free Calling

The T10 is a really impressive looking unit, and has a sturdy feel despite it’s inexpensive price tag. And it was very easy to get up and running in my vehicle. I paired the T10 with my phone, and found an empty FM station on my stereo (91.5 works well in my area). The sound quality is very good and I love not having cords hanging around, it gives a much cleaner look. Also, if you don’t want to use up your data, there is also a micro SD slot on the side of the device that you can use to play music, instead of streaming over a data connection.

The T10 will also work as a charger for your phone and even a tablet. Pretty impressive.

I recommend searching for “T10 Fm transmitter” on Youtube and watching a couple of videos before you set up your device so you can see first hand all of the features, and how to get it up and running in your vehicle.

The one caveat is that if your charger port in your vehicle has continuous power (does not turn off when the ignition is off) the T10 will deplete your car battery if you leave it plugged in for an extended period of time with the ignition off.

Ask me how I know this 🙂 So it is best to consult your manual to see if you have a port that is not continuous, or remember to remove the T10 from the charger when you exit your vehicle.  For short stops while running errands you should be fine, but definitely unplug it when you reach your destination.

All in all, a minor inconvenience compared to streaming music and making phone calls in my car over a bluetooth connection. I highly recommend it if you have an older vehicle and would like to add this functionality to your car.

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