Alexa and My Fridge :)

Around our house, we are pretty geeky. We love anything techy, that can make life easier, more efficient, or just plain fun.

One of the ways I use technology to be more efficient is using apps for meal planning, recipes, and food inventory.

I have a LOT of recipes, and I like having my most important recipes with me when I am in the kitchen, or in my home office when I am meal planning for the week. It can also be handy to have your recipes accessible when you are at the grocery store.  An app that you may already be familiar with that does all these things is Paprika.

I can clip and save recipes while surfing the internet on my PC, retrieve them on my phone or tablet in the kitchen, make a meal plan for the week and add all the ingredients to a shopping list. I can even send recipes to a friend and share shopping lists with my husband. It is a very robust app that I have loved for several years. It saves me time, and helps me feel more organized.

For food inventory, I use an app called My Chef and our Amazon Echo Dots.

Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black

A little over a year ago, we added a couple of Amazon Echo Dots to our home. We use our Dots for a little bit of everything- information, news, weather, controlling our thermostat, playing music. More and more skills get added all the time, you never know what new thing Alexa will be able to do for you next.

I was thrilled when I found My Chef, to help me keep a better organized fridge and pantry so I do run out of things I need for a recipe, or buy unnecessary duplicates.

The My Chef smartphone app and Alexa skill also has a recipe part to it, but where it really shines in my mind is the pantry feature. I can use my smart phone and the My Chef app to very quickly enter my grocery items by scanning the UPC, typing in the item, or even scanning my receipt. It also can record the expiration date of the items after it has been entered.

Using an Echo device (or Alexa smartphone app) and the My Chef skill, you can ask Alexa things like “When does the milk expire?” How many zuchinni do I have?” “Do we have spring mix?” “Alexa, add expired items to shopping list”.

There are some bugs to be worked out to be sure, but it is something that definitely makes my life easier and more organized, that in the long run saves our family money as well. I am excited to see future advancements.

Do you use apps or skills to manage your household? Share your best apps in the comments!


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  1. no that’s cool. techy I am not. lol Learning new tech is a source of frustration for me. This sounds over whelming but wonderful when set up.

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