An Organized Fridge

Do you find that you are constantly throwing away food from your fridge that has gone bad? Whether it is leftovers that don’t get eaten because they get pushed out of sight, or vegetables that go bad before you can use them, I know just how you feel.  I felt so guilty wasting food and throwing hard earned money in the trash.

The first thing I do when something isn’t working is to think about how I could organize things better. Nine times out of ten, this really does solve the problem. 🙂

So, several years ago, I logged in to Pinterest and searched refrigerator organization. I saw many fridges using clear acrylic trays corralling items together. Such a great idea, and really a cornerstone of organization- group like items together.

But the real inspiration hit when I saw a picture of a fridge with white plastic baskets that had a pull handle on the front. I loved how it looked, and it would be SO functional. I had to know where to find those baskets. Surely they were from the Container Store, or Ikea. Nope, would you believe Walmart? I believe they were around $3 a piece, and though I have a smaller, older style fridge, three of them fit perfectly along a shelf!  They are made by MainStays and Walmart does not carry the white ones any longer, but I saw some opaque ones at my local store a few weeks ago.

So I bought the baskets, and an acrylic tray or two and got busy creating zones in my fridge.

The acrylic trays are great for things like snack cups, sticks of butter and cream cheese, longer vegetables like carrots and celery, and jars of pickles & relishes. I bought them a piece or two at a time, over the next few months as they are a bit more expensive at the time. Now they can be found at places like Home Goods, and even some at Dollar General. I especially love the egg holders, which fit perfectly under my deli drawer.

The baskets do double duty for me. Some of them hold different types of vegetables like  bell peppers and mushrooms, and others are for condiments and leftover containers. For leftovers I use canning jars and 3 cup rectangular Pyrex containers. These fit perfectly in these baskets, and the handle on the front makes them easy to pull out and see what’s inside.

Pyrex 3-cup Rectangle Glass Food Storage Set Container (Pack of 4 Containers)

So here is a peek at my fridge currently. It makes me really happy to open the door and see things grouped together and accessible. Like any project, it takes a little upkeep now and again to keep it this way, but all and all this has been a good system for me to use what we have, not purchase duplicates, and hopefully waste less food.


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  1. Goals! I had a similar but not quite as good as this system going for awhile. Now seems like as good a time as any reign it back in!

  2. Yes it’s definitely something you need to stay on top of or it can get crazy again 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting

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