bad blogger…

So, I have not posted much lately, so very sorry for any of you that have been concerned.

We are fine actually, just seems that I am busier than normal, and can’t quite get in the groove.
Kind of sad today, one of the older gentleman in our church, who we are all very fond of, took an unexpected turn for the worse, and passed away last night.  So very sad for his family, and our church family as well.
So that has taken a little bit off my utter excitement for tomorrow. Yep, it Friday. But it is also Cathy Zielske Day!  Not offically mind you, but in my little world, it is.  At 8:30 CST tomorrow baby, I will be spending an hour with CZ in her Connect with Cathy class, at CKC-KC. I can hardly wait!  Can you tell?!?!
Still trying to figure out though- what does one wear to meet a scrapping/design goddess?  Feel free to shoot me some ideas  🙂
BTW— 13 days until my G1 is in my hot little hands  🙂  Can you say “Obsess much?”

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