Balance in blogging

It is so easy to get caught up in blogging, just like any other hobby. I appreciated this post from the Happy Housewife. Here is an excerpt:

Free time.  What is free time? I once told my friend I can only do a certain number of things well at any given time. It seems if we are doing well with homeschooling and eating healthy the house is a wreck. If the house is clean I am behind on laundry. If the house and clothes are clean and school is going well we are probably eating Lucky Charms for dinner.

So where does blogging fit in to my jam packed life as a military wife and homeschooling mom of 7?

I like love blogging and people have told me they benefit from my posts. It is important to me to make time in my schedule to maintain this site. It is more important that I home school my kids, cook dinner, read my bible, read to my kids, clean my house, and do many other things. As long as I am getting the most important things done in my life then I think spending several hours a week on my site isn’t a big deal, because that is how I am choosing to schedule my time.

Schedule blogging? Yes… even my blog has to stay on a schedule or it would quickly take over my life! I try to write all my weekly posts on the weekend. This usually takes a few hours, since I am writing 7 to 10 posts. I then schedule them to post throughout the week. I do occasionally write posts throughout the week, but since Cora has been born I haven’t had much time to write during the week. I do try to respond to emails (although lately that hasn’t happened) and interact on twitter. But basically I am always behind.

Here is one tip I have for those of you blogging and struggling with a balance. Do not create pressure on yourself by participating in every meme, obsessing over stats, or relentlessly promoting your site. I can assure you that good, consistent writing will build readership over time. You will receive more comments, over time. A popular blog does not happen overnight (well it can, but those people are spending 60 + hours a week on their site). If the site is not your job then treat it like any other hobby in your life. Work on it when you have time but keep it in perspective.

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