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For many, many years, I have been making homemade pizza. At first,  it was an economical choice, and I think I started with one of those bagged mixes (please don’t do that.)

Since then, there have  been many recipes tried, in an attempt to get REALLY good pizza at home. Pizza making is really an art, and there are many sites and articles on the web about how to get good pizza from your own oven. I have several recipes I enjoy and have made good pizza for us. And since pizza crust is a dough, I typically use my stand mixer to mix my dough.

But I was intrigued recently when  I saw an article on Serious Eats about making your dough in a food processor.  You can read all about the science behind why this is a superior method if you want an authentic style New York slice in the article posted above, I won’t bore you with the details, but here is my attempt.

After weighing all my ingredients, I followed the instructions, and I had a glorious dough that passed the window pane test in under 30 seconds, kind of amazing! (You can read more about the window pane test HERE)

Next, I weighed my dough ball and found that each pizza ball would weigh 353 which is right around 350 which is a perfect size for my preferred pizza pan.

Most great pizza dough needs to rest for several hours to a couple of days before making great pizza. I do have a couple of recipes that you can use in a pinch, but this dough needs to rest to be at it’s best. Try making it the day before at least.

Here’s what the dough looked like after 24 hours in the fridge.  I was so happy to get very similar results as the author.

And the dough was so great to work with. It formed a great, smooth, well structured ball. Forming your dough into a tight ball will help you make a round pizza crust.

When it came time to form my crust, it was so easy. The dough was soft and pillowy, no shrinking back, it was perfect.

When completely stretched and ready for topping, it was about 14 inches in diameter, perfect for my cast iron pizza pan. I preheat my pan in the oven for 1 hour at 500 degrees to make sure that it is perfectly hot for my pizza, which only cooks for 7 minutes before it is crispy and golden. Baking stones work really well also.

Here it is, ready to hit the oven, after adding a good sauce, the cheese (shredded by hand) about 8 ounces of mozzarella, and some pepperoni.

And here it is after coming out of the oven. I’m not going to be modest or coy, it was PERFECTION, lol

The crust was light, a little crispy on the outside, soft inside, I was amazed to get that kind of texture from my own oven. The ONLY change I will make in the future is adding a little flavor to the crust, either by adding a little granulated garlic to the dough, or brushing the stretched dough with a little garlic oil before adding the sauce. I did the second when I made the 2nd pizza a couple of days later and it was just the right touch of flavor it needed.

Here is one last shot for you, as you can see,  it is not a thick pan like crust, and not a super thin crust like a Neapolitan, definitely New York style, from my own oven, and I was giddy 🙂

I hope you will give this a try this weekend, it is really is easy, and the results are so worth it. Here is a link to the original recipe, which then links to a great sauce recipe as well. Food Processor Dough

I would love to hear your results, please share!

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