I Have Always Wanted a Pool…

When I was growing up, my next door neighbor Gina had a pool. My parents briefly talked about us putting one in as well, but decided it would take up too much of the yard. (We had a suburban postage stamp sized yard.)

So I have always wanted my own pool, and today that dream came true. For Max. LOL

Katie brought the subject up to me several weeks ago, and I wasn’t too keen on the idea. But earlier this morning he was playing in his water bowl outside, and I thought way not? I have been worried about him getting too hot outside this summer, (my parents lost a pet to the heat, so it worries me) what better way to ensure he is able to get cool if need be than a little wading pool?

Katie offered to pay for it out of her spending money. And Daddy generously financed the deal a little bit to ensure that Max was upgraded to a larger pool. We all came home eager to see him enjoy his latest luxury.

I could just see him running for the pool, doing a little doggie cannonball and splashing around.
So Shane manned the camcorder, I had the camera, and Katie let him loose. He ran for it, sniffed it

drank out of it.
And that was it. He wanted nothing to do with it.

Katie had her bathing suit on and tried to coax in the pool, he did only briefly to get the treats she had.
Maybe he equates it with a bath at this point, and maybe he will warm up to it in the future. But for now it was a little anti climatic, LOL We’ll keep you posted.

An almost perfect summer night

I’m so happy to have my grill working, I grilled out again tonight.
Hamburgers and hot dogs. After all, we still had macaroni salad and
Zarda beans left from last night, they needed more grilled food to go
with them, right?

While I was grilling, I looked over at my poor, neglected, rose bush, that hasn’t be pruned in ages. It has only a handful of blooms, but what is there is certainly lovely in the early evening light.

There is just something about summer that lightens my spirits. I guess I still feel the way I did when I was in school. The first days of summer, the excitement of three months of fun and freedom stretched before you. I am looking forward to a great summer with my family!

Taller Than Mama

Katie woke up in the night with a terrible earache. I know it must have been terrible because our girl has an INCREDIBLY high threshold for pain, and she had tears in her eyes it hurt so badly.So I got her into the doctor this AM, and it turns out that she does indeed have TWO ear infections. So she has antibiotics and is continuing to take Advil for the pain.

That is the bad news.

The good news, for Katie at least, is that they measured her height, and she is an inch and three quarters taller than her Mama, which delighted her to no end, LOL!  I think it may have even been worth a trip to the doctor, 🙂

When we were getting out of the car at the pharmacy, I looked over at her and said: “You ready to go Little Mama?” (a nickname I have had for her for years) and she replied:

“I think you must be Little Mama now because I’m bigger than you!”

Our first BBQ of the season


Our grill needed some new parts, and the propane needed to be filled, so it has been quite a while since we have been able to grill out. Hubby fixed the grill and filled the tank today, so to celebrate, we dug some ribs out of the freezer and I grilled them along with some chicken for a late dinner.

I hope they taste as good as they look! Man, I love summer!

Puppy Hugs

Now it never would have occurred to me to pick up a thirty pound dog to hug him, but of course it did to Katie. “Really Mom, when you pick him up he puts his paws around your neck to hug you.”

Of course there is lots of spastic flailing around, and attempts to throw in some doggy kisses too, which make the Mama cringe, but its true, Max does hug.  🙂

I think he’s gonna have to settle for a pat on the head from me.


Katie’s Banana Bread


Katie has made several batches of banana bread, but never just out of the blue, all by herself  like this morning. She is coming down with a bit of a cold, so we stayed home from church today. She noticed some bananas on the counter getting pretty ripe, and she asked if she could make some bread. She did it all herself, start to finish, no help from me, woo hoo! (Well except for the nagging to clean up her mess, but at least she put it all in the sink, 🙂

This time she used a tip that I read on one of my favorite blogs, Southern Plate. Christy Jordan says if you mix your bananas with your sugar when you mash them (using your mixer), you get tons more banana flavor than if you simply mashed them.

The loaves (3 small ones) turned out beautifully! So proud of my girl! When I was bragging on her to her Daddy, he said:

“Great, now that she has banana bread down, she can start working on mexican food.” (His favorite.)

A Katie-ism

Katie asking her father a question about our Sunday School class this morning:

How come you stayed so long on the third to last question Daddy?

Daddy: Which one was that?

Katie: The one before the last two.


a Katie-ism

Katie asking her father a question about our Sunday School class this morning:

How come you stayed so long on the third to last question Daddy?

Daddy: Which one was that?

Katie: The one before the last two.