The Linen Closet

Last week I gave a sneak peek of some touch ups I have been doing to our linen closet. You might remember my post at the beginning of this year that I have hopped on the band wagon of decluttering, again. 🙂

It truly is very freeing, and it makes me so happy to open a closet or drawer, see it so well organized and be able to find just what I am looking for.

One of the first things I tackled was our linen closet, grouping like things together, purging stained dish cloths and towels. Then slowly, I began to add things I loved little by little, until I loved the organized look of our linen closet. I added good micro fiber dish cloths ( e cloths, pictured above), and 2 different types of dish towels (TEKLA by Ikea, and Kitchen Towels by Grove). I labeled the shelves so the order could be maintained. It looked really good.

But in an organization FB group I am in, a member posted a picture of her linen closet and shared how she kept stacks from tipping over, which my dish towels and wash cloths frequently do. 🙂 She bought containers to well, contain them, which is a Kon Mari principle. It looked fantastic!

Those containers though, can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. But not these, they are from IKEA, and you get six containers for $6.99. There are 3 sizes in each pack and you get 2 of each. I bought 2 packages, and had the perfect amount left to organize my lingerie drawer as well. They are called SKUBB boxes and come in white, teal, and a dark gray.

I also added a light up above as this closet is so dark. It has a motion senor and is  USB chargeable, I really like it so far.

I have learned, as it is with most things, that the organizing will never be DONE, so touch up and maintenance will always be necessary, but that’s OK.

This is what it looks like currently:

It’s not perfect, but it’s orderly, and it makes me smile when I open the closet.

And a closeup of the labels which match the other labels through out our home.

Have you done any decluttering/organizing around your home lately?

An Organized Fridge

Do you find that you are constantly throwing away food from your fridge that has gone bad? Whether it is leftovers that don’t get eaten because they get pushed out of sight, or vegetables that go bad before you can use them, I know just how you feel.  I felt so guilty wasting food and throwing hard earned money in the trash.

The first thing I do when something isn’t working is to think about how I could organize things better. Nine times out of ten, this really does solve the problem. 🙂

So, several years ago, I logged in to Pinterest and searched refrigerator organization. I saw many fridges using clear acrylic trays corralling items together. Such a great idea, and really a cornerstone of organization- group like items together.

But the real inspiration hit when I saw a picture of a fridge with white plastic baskets that had a pull handle on the front. I loved how it looked, and it would be SO functional. I had to know where to find those baskets. Surely they were from the Container Store, or Ikea. Nope, would you believe Walmart? I believe they were around $3 a piece, and though I have a smaller, older style fridge, three of them fit perfectly along a shelf!  They are made by MainStays and Walmart does not carry the white ones any longer, but I saw some opaque ones at my local store a few weeks ago.

So I bought the baskets, and an acrylic tray or two and got busy creating zones in my fridge.

The acrylic trays are great for things like snack cups, sticks of butter and cream cheese, longer vegetables like carrots and celery, and jars of pickles & relishes. I bought them a piece or two at a time, over the next few months as they are a bit more expensive at the time. Now they can be found at places like Home Goods, and even some at Dollar General. I especially love the egg holders, which fit perfectly under my deli drawer.

The baskets do double duty for me. Some of them hold different types of vegetables like  bell peppers and mushrooms, and others are for condiments and leftover containers. For leftovers I use canning jars and 3 cup rectangular Pyrex containers. These fit perfectly in these baskets, and the handle on the front makes them easy to pull out and see what’s inside.

Pyrex 3-cup Rectangle Glass Food Storage Set Container (Pack of 4 Containers)

So here is a peek at my fridge currently. It makes me really happy to open the door and see things grouped together and accessible. Like any project, it takes a little upkeep now and again to keep it this way, but all and all this has been a good system for me to use what we have, not purchase duplicates, and hopefully waste less food.


2018 Keeping It Together- FREE planner!!!!

I not only have a blog, I love to read blogs! You will find a few of my favorites over on the sidebar. And of course I love recipe blogs :). Years ago, I found Southern Plate and absolutely fell in love. Christy Jordan weaves stories of her family and childhood with really wonderful homestyle recipes. She is the author of 3 cookbooks with recipes that are simple to make. I know your family will fall in love with them, just as ours has.

Beyond her blog and regular Facebook page, Christy hosts a group that is more close knit, called Christy Jordan’s Front Porch Fellowship. In that group, we share stories and prayer requests, and Christy frequently does Facebook lives where she shares things she is learning in her own person Bible study. She recently began posting the references daily to what she is reading so we can all read along and discuss together.

All in all, it is so encouraging to find a space on the internet that is positive, encouraging, and full of people that love the Lord. it’s breath of fresh air in my News Feed.

So what is this free planner that I teased you all about in the title? Well, Christy commissioned someone to create a BEAUTIFUL planner just for her subscribers. I have been struggling to find something I like,  that has the sections I need, with a design I love. Friends, I think I have found it <3 I actually squealed when I opened the email from Christy about it.

If you would like to get a copy of the planner for yourself, AND be signed up for emails from Christy when she posts a new recipe, click this link to sign up:

2018 Keeping It Together Planner – FREE!

You will then be emailed the information you need to download your own copy of this gorgeous planner.

***This post is not sponsored in anyway by Southern Plate, though I do have permission to share.  I just happen to love the site, and want to share awesome things with you when I find them***

Decluttering and Labeling

After our daughter was settled in at college in the fall of 2016, and my days had settled into their new normal, I determined that I was going to tackle the clutter in our home once and for all. I had read and was intrigued by some of the principles of the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and wanted to see if they could make a real difference in our home.

The KonMari approach is that if something doesn’t spark joy, you don’t keep it. And if you keep it, it must have a home and be well organized.

I have been ruthless in going through my things and getting rid of duplicates, things I have been holding on to “just in case” and things I just don’t need. Kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, clothing, nothing has been left untouched. Numerous trips have been made to the local thrift store to donate things I no longer want or need, and it truly makes me happy to see the clutter leave our home.

After decluttering an area, and finding space for the items I have kept, the final step in this process for me has been labeling items. Sometimes it is labeling a tub of seasonal items for storage, or a shelf in a kitchen cabinet. It makes it easier to return items where they belong, and I think it looks nice as well.

All of my labels use the same theme so everything matches throughout our home. I store all the labels on my computer (backed up to the cloud) so I can reprint labels or create new ones as needed.

Here is one of my kitchen cabinets with various baking and small appliance items.  I love that there is adequate space between each item, and that even if multiple things are out and being used, they are simple to put back in place when I am finished because of the labeling on the shelves. It truly makes me happy when I open my cabinets and see them so well organized.

Do you have goals to declutter your home in 2018? I encourage you to pick just one area to begin with, and really be ruthless in choosing what you will keep. Perhaps you will tackle your closet,  your children’s toys, or a storage area of things you never use. It’s worth the effort for the peace you will feel with a house that will feel more like a home.