Things that make you go hmmmmm…..

So I was telling Shane at dinner tonight that I was really in a scrapping groove today and he said:

“Have you ever noticed how when you are talking about something you like, people say ‘in the groove’ ¬†but if you don’t like it, it’s called ‘being in a rut’?”

and then I said:
That’s a blog post!


Leaving on a jet plane…..

off early in the AM to see my Mom for 10 days. ¬†Spent today cleaning, doing laundry and buying ymmy dog cookies for Miss Molly. ¬†Our house sitters will spoil her rotten while we are gone ūüôā

See y’all soon, I will try updating my Twitter whenever possible ( I think it will be a great tool to help me remember stuff when I am scrapping) and if we get detained across the border in Canada, I’ll be sure and Twitter so you know, ūüôā

Happy summer everyone!

So do you?

If you do, let me know, we can follow each other, and and you can¬† share in the day to day hi jinks that surround our little life, ūüôā

Plus, if I am ever imprisoned in a foreign country, I can keep you all updated, LOL

Mr Steve, you sure are tempting me…..

So my darling husband told me that I could upgrade my Blackberry when the new Bold comes out in late summer, but then they make the big (and cheaper) iphone announcement today. Man alive that thing is awesome looking! Plus it does everything but make my bed. Come to Mama!

We are getting ready to go visit my Mom for a week or so, so I am frantically trying to get stuff done before we go.

Whats new with you, everyone is so quiet lately. ¬†Talk to me ¬†ūüôā

New photo for my phone….

So I needed to update my phone wallpaper from the icy wintery one I had.   When I looked out our bedroom window this morning, I saw our bush in bloom and knew it would be perfect.

I am happy to share if anyone wants it ¬†ūüôā


So it actually hit 65 here today! ¬†Could not be much happier about that let me tell ya. ¬†So we hit the road and went to the city ¬†ūüôā

We went to a really cool health food store that is just down the way from a really cool fabric and bead store that my friend C MUST go to at some point in her life.  Trendy, cool fabrics (think Amy Butler), beads for jewelry making, and a little paper thrown in for good measure.  Alas, they did not have what I needed so I still need to go to Paper Source, but I am afraid I will LOOOOVE PS way too much, and never want to leave.  But I picked up some spices and some spelt grain at the health food store.  Never used
spelt, so we shall see if we like it.

So after that, we went to the park for K to play with the 800 other kids who have been cooped up far too long.  Then we grabbed some dinner and came home, and went to the park here at home, LOL
And tomorrow we are going to do it all over again, because it is supposed to be 75 tomorrow!!!!

(Before you get too excited for us, we are rumored to have rain and sleet by the weekend) Such is life in this fabulous state, the weather changes CONSTANTLY!

Oh well, talk to you tomorrow, I may grill out so maybe I will share a marinade recipe with y’all.

Today is…..

many things actually. ¬†It is International Women’s Day. Is this a gift giving holiday? ‘Cuz i didn’t get you anything, sorry. Did you get me something?

Also, it is my favorite scrapper/blogger- CATHY ZIELSKE’s 42nd birthday! ¬†Happy birthday CZ!
(yeah, like she reads my blog, LOL)

But most importantly- it is- International Becki was Right Day. ¬†Yes, my husband of almost 12 years, said to me via my cell phone, “YOU WERE RIGHT”. ¬†About something he specifically disagreed with me about. ¬†Thats right folks, mark it down, cuz it is a monumental day!

Happy Saturday everyone!

funny quote

The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’.
– Larry Hardiman

Its a New Year, and a neat idea

Seems like we are just beginning to slow down from all the holiday hoopla.  K starts school again on Monday, so maybe things will settle back into a routine then.

Started the new year off with great resolutions, the same ones millions of others have I am sure.
Lose weight, get healthier and keep my house clean, LOL ¬†We’ll see how it goes, ūüôā

Just wanted to share this that I saw on Donna’s blog today, I really liked it and wanted to pass it along. ¬†¬†

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


for C and S…..


….and any other fortunate souls who live in warmer climates, here is what we have in the Midwest today, our first real snow.

And yes, while it is KIND OF pretty, mostly I am just grumbling about how cold it is and how much I hate getting out in the snow.  LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!  I am gonna try and finish Christmas cards and some last minute crafting for gifts.