It’s Friday!!!!!

I am such a bad blogger, LOL I really think that my blog is just a bunch of crazy ramblings, and while I have started several in my head, I keep thinking, oh that is so stupid, no one is gonna want to read about that.

But I am once again firmly telling myself, this is who I am, and if people read and enjoy-
Great! If not, I will be sad, LOL

All is not well in the land of Becki. My computer has some major registry problem and I cannot connect to the internet. Dh and I are sharing his computer, but I am totally stressed because all my scrapping stuff is on mine.

So I decide yesterday that dd and I will bake a peach pie together (if I cannot create a layout, then I will create thru cooking, see the connection?) Sadly, MY OVEN WON”T HEAT! So instead I made homemade tortillas, YUM!
So dh has to look at the oven this weekend, grrrrrrrr! I think I found out what is wrong with it online, but it is still $$$$$ 🙁

A friend and I have been massively decluttering and cleaning our homes. It has been really fun talking with her and sharing our accomplishments. I am proud to say, my home is looking pretty good. Of course dd watched the trash men taking our trash away this week and said “That’s an awful lot of trash Mama. Do you think they can take it all?” LOL.

So I went to Target last night, ‘cuz I just HAD to get out of the house and I found a “good thing” 🙂 Dh says I am a sucker for good packaging in a product, and he is right. So it should not have surprised me when I went down the cleaner aisle and fell in love with the cleaner shown above. I love the scent (pink grapefruit) and definitely the clean and simple label (that’s me, a clean and simple girl) I would expect that hanging circle alpha
to be showing up in a few Becki layouts in the near future. LOL

Well I guess that is all for now, Happy FRIDAY! Woo hoo! Oh and don’t forget-
Camp SBB next week! I never got to go to camp as a kid so I am very excited about
all this! I am in Cabin #1 with all the cool people 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

FIL’s flowers & more

Today was a good day. It feels good to say that every so often doesn’t it? J

My father in law is an avid gardener, and he has these flowers in his garden called
“naked ladies”. The scientific name for them is Amaryllis belladona and they are sometimes known as belladonna lilies, but we all refer to them as the naked ladies. LOL. They only bloom for a few days each year, and my father in law really loves them. I have tried each year to capture a really awesome photo of them, but this year I think I finally succeeded. I got up REALLY early (6:00 AM mind you!) to be at
their house by 7:00 so I could get that awesome morning light. I think it was totally
worth it. I also really like the pic I got of my mother in law’s black eyed susans.

After I got home, I fixed French toast for dh and dd for breakfast (with some of FIL’s
fresh eggs, yum! Then we went to a small kids festival that a local bank puts on every year at a local park. They had the usual safety stuff, K seemed to have fun.

The coolest part for the Mama though was the Lifeflight helicopter. We have seen it before at an airshow, it’s kinda neat to look inside it and stuff. (Remember I love everything planes, and space and stuff). But the cool thing today was, we were there when the helicopter took off!

They were asking everyone to step back a safe distance, and I did, at first, LOL I wanted
some clear shots of it as it took off , and being short, there were people’s heads in my way. So I walked over by an EMT and started shooting. He started to say something,
but he looked at my camera (I had my big lens on, LOL) and he just smiled.

It was so COOL when they started up the engine, the wind was blowing, it was a total rush let me tell ya! The pics do not so it justice! Now I cannot wait for next year’s airshow at the base. (The first female Thunderbird will be there, woo hoo!)

Ok, sadly there is nothing scrapbook related about this post other than a few pics.
Oh wait, I am gonna host the Midnight scrap tonight (12 am EST) because Miss Jodi is on vacation, so if you are a night owl and you want to scrap, come join me. I have not done a page ALL WEEK LONG, eeeekkkk!

Sometimes it’s the little things….

…..that make you happy. Not a profound statement, but sometimes just a call from a friend
is enough to make your whole day, ya know?

By the way…. HAPPY FRIDAY! I LOVE Fridays! 🙂
I posted my new sketch for the week at SBB,

I have been keeping a notebook of ideas like a lot of scrappers do,
and this was a sketch I made based on an old Bryan White CD.

Sometimes it is scary the things that…..

inspire me. I read in a dear friend’s blog the other day about her clogged sprinkler pipe. She posted a picture of it. It’s terrible, I feel so bad for her, it will be an expensive repair. I really do feel bad, LOL But I love the picture she took of it, I love the colors and the texures. I told her someone should make a kit using the colors. She said go ahead. So I did! I am not usually a kit designer, I usually hit the old suck button in that category. But I like this!!!!tell me what ya’ll think…..

and if you are demented enough to want this kit, i can hook you up, LOL

Well, here we go sportsfans…

Ok, so I am taking the blogging plunge! I don’t really know why, I can’t say that I am as witty as some or that I have tons of interesting things to say (note the word interesting, anyone who knows me, knows that I have tons to say, 🙂

With everything that is going on lately, I only created one layout today, and it looks simple but I actually spent a while on it. I was inspired by the AL calendar and simple scrapbooks magazine, the simple shortcuts one that just came out.
Side note: SS Inspirations has been on my desk constantly for the last month, IT ROCKS! I am hoping the Shortcuts one is as good, I think it will be.

Anyway, we did a family photo shoot on 4th of July. It was a rushed, frustrated affair, but we ended up with a few good pics. Not totally thrilled with the lighting, I had some serious hot spots, but it has been forever since we did family pics, and we were seeing all of Shane’s family that night, so I toughed it out, even though I HATED the way my hair turned out.

SO I have been scrapping those pics of late, and today I took single pics of Shane and I and created a layout of US. Because next week, we will be celebrating 15 years of being together. Our first date was July 27, 1990. MAN does that make me feel OLD. And although my beloved husband says that wedding anniversaries cancel out all other anniversaries, I don’t feel that way. I think every milestone in life needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Which brings me to my Quote of the Day. I posted a layout where I put this in the description:
“Dh does not get my taking pics of peoples backs, LOL but I realy like this.”
LeeAndra, who totally cracks me up all the time with the way she puts things, said the following:

“He doesn’t have to ‘get’ it, just accept it and move on. “ 🙂

I don’t think LA meant to be totally profound, but MAN ALIVE!!!
I need to repeat this to myself over and over, not just about dh but everyone! So what if very few people understand my passion for photography and scrapbooking. So what if people look at me funny when I am trying to explain to them about a picture I just HAD to take, because I saw it so clearly in my mind. Accept it and move on, I LOVE IT
BTW, look for a picture of GRASS in the near future. Once I get the pic that I see in my mind then I will tell you that whole story.

Now aren’t you all painfully sorry you told me I should start a blog?