we have SHORTS people!!!!

(frame by that awesome Aussie, Shelleyrae)

Ok, so I have been blathering on about sewing, but never finished anything and then it kind of fizzled out for a week or two.
But tonight I sat down and MADE MYSELF finish a pair of shorts for K to wear to the park for
play time tomorrow. They are nowhere near perfect, but for play shorts, they will do the trick, baby! And this fabric was only 1.99 at JoAnn a while back. The line is called tutti frutti, we got several different designs of it. I made K a headband out of this same fabric to wear tomorrow too. (The fabric is orange with small white polka dots)

Sorry so short, but had to share-

Pizza and Sewing

Katie loves to help out in the kitchen, when I have the patience to let her, LOL
She does a really good job, and the other day, I was able to ask her to mix up some pizza dough for me, and she not only did it, it was fantastic. I must admit, she questioned me on adding a whole 1 tablespoons of garlic salt, but it
tasted perfect.  I rolled it out, but she did the rest and it was really good.  We called it the Carnivore when we were done with it because it had hamburger, italian sausage, and leftover grilled chicken on it, YUM!

I had my first sewing lesson last week. It went OK, it is all a little confusing for me as spatial relations are tough for me sometimes, but I think I will get the hang of it. We cut out a practice pair of shorts for Katie, and my friend sewed them to make sure they would work. They did, so I came home and cut out two more pair.  I have a few more to cut out before we sew. But it will be so nice to have play shorts for this summer that are a modest length.

On Tuesday my friend is coming to look at my two sewing machines to see if either of them will work well enough for me. If not, she has an extra machine that I can get for a good price from her.  So excited to really sew something!!!

Ok, my next post will be about my new studio, which took up all of our time yesterday, 🙂