Creating a photo backup system


On Tuesdays, I am going to share something to help you in your digital life. I might recommend an app, share a skill you can use on your Amazon Echo or Google Home device, or a safety or organizational tip.

Today, I am going to share with everyone a little bit about how I back up and organize our family photos. On the 1st of each month I regularly encourage my Facebook friends to make sure that their photos from the previous month are backed up and to clear their memory cards and phones. Today we will take a look about what that process looks like for me.

My first form of backup is a cloud service that I pay for monthly, Crash Plan. Our family photos are precious, and something that we place enough importance on to put in our budget each month. It runs in the background and backs up the folders on my computer that I have selected, and stores them safely in the cloud. Four years ago, I had BOTH of my hard drives die within days of each other, and I was SO grateful that we had this system in place.

But knowing that no system is completely safe, I choose to backup our photos in other ways as well. I also use Dropbox. Dropbox works a little bit differently, it stores your files on your computer, and in the cloud. We have the Dropbox app on our smartphones, and have the app set to automatically upload all of our phone photos. This not only gives me piece of mind knowing our photos are safe in the cloud, but it also gives me access on my computer to all of our photos, so they are there for me to share with family and friends, or scrapbook with. Our daughter in college also has her photos set to backup to our Dropbox account, so we never have to worry about missing photos if her phone were to be lost or stolen.

And just for added peace of mind, I also have our phone photos set to automatically backup to Google Photos. In my settings I have chosen High Quality (not original quality) to take advantage of Googles unlimited free storage option. Google Photos is also an easy way to share photos with our family and friends.

At the start of this new year, I hope you will make it a priority to back up your photos, especially your phone photos. With such easy, and even free ways to do so, it just makes sense.

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  1. Great article Becki. Thanks for reminding us each month to back up our photos. I also back my computer up to a cloud. I use Blackblaze and am so thankful for it. 2 days before Thanksgiving, my Mac crashed. I had my calendars that I had just finished for Christmas presents on my desktop, and hadn’t saved them to my external hard drive. I would have lost all of them if I didn’t have the cloud backup. I also save in Google photos. It is unlimited but only if you limit the resolution to 16 mexapixels. If you do high resolution, you eventually have to increase your storage space on Google drive, which you must pay for. I still have 2 GB before I have to decide if I want to pay for additional storage. I do like the convenience of being able to access my photos any time though.

  2. Thanks for comment Linda! 🙂 I’m so glad you had cloud backup for your calendars! That would have been a disaster. I have some things saved to external hard drives, but really don’t use them any more. I used them in the past to be able to transport photos if I wanted to work on my laptop somewhere, but I don’t trust them for backup as they are notoriously fragile.

    I use Google photos as well, for my 3rd backup. Since it is a redundant backup, I just use the high quality option, not full resolution for my photos so my backup is unlimited.

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