Decluttering and Labeling

After our daughter was settled in at college in the fall of 2016, and my days had settled into their new normal, I determined that I was going to tackle the clutter in our home once and for all. I had read and was intrigued by some of the principles of the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and wanted to see if they could make a real difference in our home.

The KonMari approach is that if something doesn’t spark joy, you don’t keep it. And if you keep it, it must have a home and be well organized.

I have been ruthless in going through my things and getting rid of duplicates, things I have been holding on to “just in case” and things I just don’t need. Kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, clothing, nothing has been left untouched. Numerous trips have been made to the local thrift store to donate things I no longer want or need, and it truly makes me happy to see the clutter leave our home.

After decluttering an area, and finding space for the items I have kept, the final step in this process for me has been labeling items. Sometimes it is labeling a tub of seasonal items for storage, or a shelf in a kitchen cabinet. It makes it easier to return items where they belong, and I think it looks nice as well.

All of my labels use the same theme so everything matches throughout our home. I store all the labels on my computer (backed up to the cloud) so I can reprint labels or create new ones as needed.

Here is one of my kitchen cabinets with various baking and small appliance items.  I love that there is adequate space between each item, and that even if multiple things are out and being used, they are simple to put back in place when I am finished because of the labeling on the shelves. It truly makes me happy when I open my cabinets and see them so well organized.

Do you have goals to declutter your home in 2018? I encourage you to pick just one area to begin with, and really be ruthless in choosing what you will keep. Perhaps you will tackle your closet,  your children’s toys, or a storage area of things you never use. It’s worth the effort for the peace you will feel with a house that will feel more like a home.

7 Replies to “Decluttering and Labeling”

  1. Something to really ponder over this winter when there’s nothing to do !!Thanks. Might just begin on one cupboard !!

  2. That looks very nice Becki and you are “wright” that leaving space between everything makes it easier to put back (especially with the labels) and it looks wonderful. Great job! PS I really like your little tortilla press thing.

  3. Thanks Susie, I hope you will give it a try, it’s kind of addicting (in a good way) once you get started 🙂

  4. Thanks Kim! I can’t remember where I got my press, it was years ago-maybe a Mexican market in the city? But I know they have them on Amazon. I am looking forward to using mine soon to try tamales 🙂

  5. Thanks Virginia, I’m glad you enjoyed it, I have several things in the works I am excited to share! 🙂

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