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In a previous post, I shared with you how I use the app Paprika on both my desktop and mobile devices to organize my recipes. I love having my recipes organized and accessible to me anywhere. This works very well for all my recipes that are digital. But what I am I doing with all my hand written recipes and recipes taken from the back of boxes, etc?

Well the answer until recently was nothing. I had yet to come across a program or app that would help me with my big file folder of recipes.  Recently in my Facebook feed, I saw a video with Chef Tyler Florence recommending the Adobe Scan app for digitizing recipes. Watch it, and I think you will be just as excited as I am.

I decided to scan a recipe using 3 different scanning apps to see which was best for the task of recipe scanning. I used Google Scan, Evernote, and Adobe Scan. All allowed my to scan the recipe card, back it up to a cloud service, and then share the recipe via email. Each had their pros and cons.  First up is Google Scan:

Google Scan works differently than the other 2 scanners. It’s scan process has you move your camera around 4 dots that cover the perimeter of your document or photo and it then takes a photo using the flash to get even lighting all round with no white flash mark. So a bit more time consuming. Also, as I have noticed with photos I have scanned, they are a bit cool for my taste, but that is easily corrected in Photoshop. Also, when sharing straight from the scan app, it adds the logo to the bottom. This logo does not appear in the copy that is saved to the cloud however. Lastly, Google Scan created the smallest file  of the three, 322kb.

Next we have Evernote. I do love Evernote and use it quite a bit for saving and sharing documents, mostly articles I want to clip and save from the web.  I have been capturing important Post It notes with Evernote for years, and this is basically the same. Like Adobe Scan, It also creates an overlay on your document showing what is being captured, a green outline. A plus for Evernote was it allowed me to choose how I wanted the file saved, document, photo, etc. It also created the largest file size by far, at 2.32MB. But it was a bit trickier to share, I can share a link to it, or insert an image in an email, but could not just email the file itself. The color was a little under saturated, the lightness on the right side was do to uneven lighting on my part.

Lastly, we have Adobe Scan. I love pretty much everything about it. If I don’t like the way it crops and cleans up an image, I can always go back to the original file and adjust things myself. It also had better color, coming in very close to the original. The file size was slightly bigger than Google at 461 kb, an acceptable size for printing and emailing. The scan is auto backed up to Adobe’s cloud, but I like that I can also choose to save it in whatever cloud based service I choose. (again, uneven lighting= my fault 🙂

So I am excited to get all my paper recipes scanned and safely backed up to 2 cloud services and available on my computer and mobile devices. I hope this helps you save and share your family recipes as well. Which app  do you think you will use?

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