Gratituesday-June 17th

Gratituesday for blogYes, I know that today is the 16th. And I know that my topic for my last Gratituesday post was my husband. And I really do have many other things in my life that I am grateful for. But tomorrow is my sweetie’s birthday, and so that makes me stop and reflect about how much I love him. And so he is once again the topic of my Gratituesday post. I promise to wax poetic about something else next week, 🙂

I generally make a big deal out of people’s birthdays. It’s what I do. My husband, not so much. And because of that, he doesn’t expect anyone to make a big deal out of his. He is very LM (low maintenance ) that way. But I always do anyway.

Mostly because this man deserves a day to be celebrated. For all the big and little things he does. For putting up with me, he deserves a medal. For working a million hours a week to support our family. For being such an amazing and loving father. For the godly example he strives to be at home, work, and church. Each year in my heart, I have celebrated these things and tried to show my appreciation for this wonderful man God has given me.

Now I say this following in all humility, as I do not want to continually bring up Shane’s illness. But I saw an ad on the Internet the other day that spoke volumes to me, and totally expressed how I feel today. It was a picture of a woman in a birthday hat, with a cake before her and the title read: To a cancer survivor, Happy Birthday is a victory song.

So, everyone, (including you Shane) will have to forgive me if I make a fuss tomorrow. Victory parties are not usually quiet affairs.  🙂

I love you my wonderful, amazing, handsome husband!  Happy Birthday!

Shane Bday for blog

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