How we are protecting against the flu

The flu is raging around the country. Even those who are pro flu shot admit that the flu shot is not effective this year. So what is our family doing to protect ourselves as best we can?

The first thing we are doing is elderberry, every day to help build our immunity. We got some in gummy form to send to our daughter at college, so it is easy to take, no messing with a spoon and a syrup in her dorm room. We also sent oscillococcinum to use if she does contract  the flu. It is a homeopathic alternative to Tamiflu, which can have terrible side effects. In conjunction with elderberry, it helps shorten the length of the flu.

We are also staying home more, not being out in the public when we can help it. When we do need to go out, we wipe down shopping carts and use hand sanitizer after interacting with others, using card readers etc.

Along with getting back on track taking our Vitamin D3 and K2, I also wanted to add something else as an immunity booster. Then I remembered honey & garlic, and lemon, ginger, & honey.

I often will eat a clove or two of raw garlic if I feel a cold coming on. It works, but is definitely not pleasant. Infusing garlic in honey helps mellow flavor of the garlic, and the honey has natural germ fighting and immune boosting properties of it’s own.

So at the store, I purchased organic lemons, ginger root, and garlic, and some raw (not pasteurized) honey. For both of these mixtures together, I used about a pint of honey.

My first step was getting the garlic ready. For my 8 ounce jar I used 3 heads of garlic.

I separated the cloves, and removed the papery skins. Rolling  the cloves vigorously, while rolled up in a silicone pot holder really speeds this process  up.

Once the cloves were ready,  I simply placed them in my jar and covered them with honey. I will let this sit on my counter for a few days, and then refrigerate them, where they will last for several months easily.

The process for the other infusion is very similar. I started by peeling a couple of knobs of ginger. It is really simple to do by just scraping a spoon against the thin skin. Then I thinly sliced the ginger.

Using a mandolin, I thinly sliced 2 lemons. When placing them in the jar, I alternated between the lemons and ginger.

Once the pint jar was nearly filled, I added the honey.

I will take both of these simply by eating a small spoonful once a day. You could add them to hot water or a tea, but I don’t want to destroy any of the benefits of the honey by heating it too much. If you feel illness coming on, you take it multiple times during the day.

I hope this helps give you another tool to help your family stay healthy during this terrible cold and flu season





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