Know your Limits

Busy busy busy. Everyone these days is busy. Over the years, our family has had it’s share of “busy-ness”.  Homeschool activities, committees, leadership trainings, meetings, ministry. And it took a toll on our family.

I think “busy-ness” is a tool that Satan uses in the church a lot these days. Keep those Christians busy enough, and they will be spinning around in so many directions, they won’t be effective at anything. And if all that causes some problems at home, then Satan is even happier.

You may not agree with me (and that’s OK, :)) but I believe that a woman’s ministry is to her husband and family first and foremost. We are called to be keepers at home. Other things are secondary, and if they effect family life, need to be evaluated and perhaps eliminated.

I love this post at Heavenly Homemakers, and this quote especially-

Never, ever, EVER should I be so busy and caught up in doing “good things” for others and for the church that it wears me out and makes me grumpy at my own family.  Never.

Wow! I wish I would have heard those words ten years ago.

Be sure to read the rest of the post too, its a great one!

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