MYO Fingerpaint

At Family Bliss, Elaine Williams gives a great recipe for making your own kid safe fingerpaint.

family bliss Safe Fingerpaint to Make at Home

Children love to fingerpaint. We moms worry about them eating possibly toxic paint. What to do? Make your own! It’s easy, works great and you no longer have to keep those little ones from tasting their colorful paints.

Make only enough for the day’s painting as this recipe only keeps for that long without getting too hard to use. Here are your ingredients:

  • 2 cups of whatever flour you have
  • Cold water
  • Hot water
  • food dye in the colors desired

Into a bowl put the flour, mix in the cold water until smooth with no big lumps, next slowly add in just-off-the-boil hot water while stirring constantly to get the correct finger paint consistency. Finger paints are thinker than brush paints so leave it thicker and not so thin.

Divide up the mixture into containers, one per color. Into each mixture stir in a few drops of food dye to yield the best child safe paint you ever allowed them to squish between their little fingers (and taste).

(photo by plindberg)

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