FIL’s flowers & more

Today was a good day. It feels good to say that every so often doesn’t it? J

My father in law is an avid gardener, and he has these flowers in his garden called
“naked ladies”. The scientific name for them is Amaryllis belladona and they are sometimes known as belladonna lilies, but we all refer to them as the naked ladies. LOL. They only bloom for a few days each year, and my father in law really loves them. I have tried each year to capture a really awesome photo of them, but this year I think I finally succeeded. I got up REALLY early (6:00 AM mind you!) to be at
their house by 7:00 so I could get that awesome morning light. I think it was totally
worth it. I also really like the pic I got of my mother in law’s black eyed susans.

After I got home, I fixed French toast for dh and dd for breakfast (with some of FIL’s
fresh eggs, yum! Then we went to a small kids festival that a local bank puts on every year at a local park. They had the usual safety stuff, K seemed to have fun.

The coolest part for the Mama though was the Lifeflight helicopter. We have seen it before at an airshow, it’s kinda neat to look inside it and stuff. (Remember I love everything planes, and space and stuff). But the cool thing today was, we were there when the helicopter took off!

They were asking everyone to step back a safe distance, and I did, at first, LOL I wanted
some clear shots of it as it took off , and being short, there were people’s heads in my way. So I walked over by an EMT and started shooting. He started to say something,
but he looked at my camera (I had my big lens on, LOL) and he just smiled.

It was so COOL when they started up the engine, the wind was blowing, it was a total rush let me tell ya! The pics do not so it justice! Now I cannot wait for next year’s airshow at the base. (The first female Thunderbird will be there, woo hoo!)

Ok, sadly there is nothing scrapbook related about this post other than a few pics.
Oh wait, I am gonna host the Midnight scrap tonight (12 am EST) because Miss Jodi is on vacation, so if you are a night owl and you want to scrap, come join me. I have not done a page ALL WEEK LONG, eeeekkkk!


So Katie and I are at Target yesterday (I LOVE TARGET) and in the dollar spot section I made the greatest find!
They have these wooden frames over there (for a buck) and they have 6×6 frames!

These are perfect for framing layouts! Glue a metal embellishment or two to the frame, it makes a great gift, too!

I love a good bargain, LOL I’ll post a pic later, dh took my camera to work with him, I feel so lost without my baby! 🙂 Oh yeah, I miss dh too! Sorry I couldn’t resist~ LOVE YOU HONEY!

Getting back on track….

Ok, it isn’t that I haven’t had tons to say in the last few days, I truly have! I have started at least five blog entries in my mind, I just never got the time to sit down and write them out like I wanted to.

Last week, dh took Wed-Fri off from work, I love having him home, but that in and of itself changes
our routine. He took those days off because of our little town’s annual Friendship Festival. Our church had a booth and we passed out water and sunscreen to people who were there enjoying the festival.

So guess who was there taking pictures of all the fun? 🙂 And guess who did not take advantage of the sunscreen? Those would both be me. See I never used to burn, EVER. So I wore a tank top, saying to myself, I could use a little sun. Well I definitely got a little sun. It hurt a little bit, but I was not even close to expecting to be physically ill that night, and then the next day to have my arms start itching so bad I thought I was going to break out in tears! I am convinced this should be a new form of torture for war criminals, MAN ALIVE! Luckily Walmart is open 24 hours and I was able to go get some spray stuff that got rid of the itching, cuz it was AWFUL!!!

Saturday was the end of the festival, and the annual parade. You know the Norman Rockwell, old fashioned kind? Katie gathered quite a bit of candy, (and even shared some with other children, woo hoo!) and had a great time. I love the look on her face as she waits in anticipation as the parade goes by.

Let’s see what else is new on the old homefront? Oh some great news: Our little friend Micah is continuing to amaze everyone around him with his progress. He is eating and talking and yesterday he took some steps on his way back from Physical therapy, Praise God! His goal is to be able to return to school on the very first day, so we are continuing to lift him in prayer.

Our grapes should be ripe in the next few weeks, so we will be up to our eyeballs in grape jelly, I can’t wait! Katie and I really love that time of year, she loves to help me with the jelly making.

Dh finally finished up the new front page of my website, I think it looks pretty good. Stop by if you have a minute and let me know what you think.

Well, I think that is all the meaningless tidbits I can think of for now, so I am off to get caught up on everyone else’s blogs, 🙂 and print off some more layouts, I am WAY behind.


Micah is improving

Well to understand today, I must tell you about yesterday. I spent over an hour talking
to a good friend of mine (Carla). You know, just one of those great, giggly silly conversations?

While we were talking, I was cleaning a few things up in the basement, and I felt really good
about my accomplishment as I came upstairs to check email.

I have shared with many of you, and many of you have been praying for my K’s first little friend, and how he became seriously ill and was in ICU. Well waiting in my Inbox was an email with an update to his condition that basically said his parents were not being given much hope for a significant
recovery. I was devastated, I just started bawling. I called dh but he was away from his desk. So I called my friend back, as she has been praying and hurting for this family right along with me. She promised to keep praying.

I called a few people from church to update them, and as I was typing out the email for the church prayer chain, I typed the phrase, “please keep praying, we serve a mighty God who still performs miracles”, I got an excited call from one of our friends that I just spoken to. (Ok I am getting goose bumps all over again) She told me that a new entry had been posted to the website that is keeping us all updated on M’s condition. He spoke for the first time yesterday, and was able to move his arms and legs at the doctors requests!!!!!

And it gets better! This morning I read that he is being moved out of his ICU room! And right after I read this, as my heart was soaring with joy, one of my favorite happy, happy songs started playing on Lifetime radio, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves! If you are not familiar with this song, it is one of the great, smiling, dancing, singing at the top of your lungs songs of all times.
(this song is actually the ringtone on my phone, 🙂 It just could NOT have been more appropriate!

Ok, if you have made it this far, THANK YOU! And a huge thank you to all of you that are praying for M and his family! God is working in a mighty way, let’s keep praying!

Sometimes it’s the little things….

…..that make you happy. Not a profound statement, but sometimes just a call from a friend
is enough to make your whole day, ya know?

By the way…. HAPPY FRIDAY! I LOVE Fridays! 🙂
I posted my new sketch for the week at SBB,

I have been keeping a notebook of ideas like a lot of scrappers do,
and this was a sketch I made based on an old Bryan White CD.

Sometimes it is scary the things that…..

inspire me. I read in a dear friend’s blog the other day about her clogged sprinkler pipe. She posted a picture of it. It’s terrible, I feel so bad for her, it will be an expensive repair. I really do feel bad, LOL But I love the picture she took of it, I love the colors and the texures. I told her someone should make a kit using the colors. She said go ahead. So I did! I am not usually a kit designer, I usually hit the old suck button in that category. But I like this!!!!tell me what ya’ll think…..

and if you are demented enough to want this kit, i can hook you up, LOL

I like to think of myself…

as being somewhat tech savvy. I know my way around the computer pretty well, I digi scrap, my life is in my Palm pilot, I am permanently attached to my mp3 player.

But today I felt like a raving idiot! I wanted to to tweak my blog a little bit, and put all the extra stuff on the sides, and frankcassiesomom (Kim) offered to help me during a crop yesterday.

Let me just say there is a REASON why html is called CODE. I have never felt so out of it in my life!
Kim was so so so incredible patient!!!! I made a tiny little breakthrough there toward the end, and I did start to see a method to the madness, but MAN ALIVE! Thanks so much Kim, I OWE you big time!

So last night I showed dh what she had taught me, he said “Great”, thinking I think, that this meant he was off the hook, LOL. Then I handed him a list of all the things I needed him to add to my blog, 🙂 And being the fantastic hubby that he is, HE DID. I am so happy!

But I have to say, I think I do want to learn CSS now. Now that my eyes are opened just a little tiny bit.

A friend of mine suggested that we take a picture that represents our day, and post them. So I was gonna post a pic of html code, but I decided on this one instead. We had yummy grilled corn on the cob with basil and garlic flavored butter for dinner last night, YUM!

I also grilled chicken, but it got a little overdone when I took a phone call. Dd complained that it was burnt, but I said “No honey it is Blackened chicken, it’s supposed to be like that.” I am so bad!
Actually I don’t like burnt things either, but this was good, it stayed moist inside.

And I was able to scrap last night!!! woo hoo! (While poor hubby was working on my blog)
Lauren gave a great inspriation in the Calendar crop. My layout is posted over there on the left, I love the way it turned out.

Ok, I am late getting this posted, so I am off to start my day today now, LOL.

OK, besides my other weird obsessions….

I also happen to love all things that have to do with flying and the US space program.

I am beyond thrilled that the Air Force Thunderbirds are featuring their first female pilot in 2006,
and that the next shuttle mission features 2 women, including NASA’s first female commander, Eileen Collins.

So imagine how totally cool I thought this blog is. Dh found it last night. It is a blog of a young woman in the astronaut training program at KSC. She has been posting the most incredible photos too, which of course I am totally diggin’.

Anyway here is the link
I think I am going to use this as a science project for K, let her follow this woman’s
progress, etc. How cool would that be to watch this woman go up into space some day?

Fresh Tomato Salad

Summer Meals, I love them! Posted by Picasa

Nothing says summer to me more than homegrown tomatoes!
I did not plant a garden this year, but some friends from church brought
us some goodies from their HUGE garden today

So for lunch today I had a tomato sandwich, and for dinner I made this simple
salad, which brings me to my first Recipe post, 🙂

2-3 vine ripened tomatoes
2.-3 cloves of garlic minced (if you like garlic, if not omit)
1 medium cucumber, sliced
fresh mozzarella (shredded works in a pinch)
basil (again fresh is best, dried will work)
Italian dressing

Toss all ingredients together, let sit 20 minutes, enjoy!