Well, here we go sportsfans…

Ok, so I am taking the blogging plunge! I don’t really know why, I can’t say that I am as witty as some or that I have tons of interesting things to say (note the word interesting, anyone who knows me, knows that I have tons to say, 🙂

With everything that is going on lately, I only created one layout today, and it looks simple but I actually spent a while on it. I was inspired by the AL calendar and simple scrapbooks magazine, the simple shortcuts one that just came out.
Side note: SS Inspirations has been on my desk constantly for the last month, IT ROCKS! I am hoping the Shortcuts one is as good, I think it will be.

Anyway, we did a family photo shoot on 4th of July. It was a rushed, frustrated affair, but we ended up with a few good pics. Not totally thrilled with the lighting, I had some serious hot spots, but it has been forever since we did family pics, and we were seeing all of Shane’s family that night, so I toughed it out, even though I HATED the way my hair turned out.

SO I have been scrapping those pics of late, and today I took single pics of Shane and I and created a layout of US. Because next week, we will be celebrating 15 years of being together. Our first date was July 27, 1990. MAN does that make me feel OLD. And although my beloved husband says that wedding anniversaries cancel out all other anniversaries, I don’t feel that way. I think every milestone in life needs to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Which brings me to my Quote of the Day. I posted a layout http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=96216&cat=500&ppuser=1627 where I put this in the description:
“Dh does not get my taking pics of peoples backs, LOL but I realy like this.”
LeeAndra, who totally cracks me up all the time with the way she puts things, said the following:

“He doesn’t have to ‘get’ it, just accept it and move on. “ 🙂

I don’t think LA meant to be totally profound, but MAN ALIVE!!!
I need to repeat this to myself over and over, not just about dh but everyone! So what if very few people understand my passion for photography and scrapbooking. So what if people look at me funny when I am trying to explain to them about a picture I just HAD to take, because I saw it so clearly in my mind. Accept it and move on, I LOVE IT
BTW, look for a picture of GRASS in the near future. Once I get the pic that I see in my mind then I will tell you that whole story.

Now aren’t you all painfully sorry you told me I should start a blog?