Pioneer Woman!!!

Ok, some of you may not know who I am talking about, but I am referring to Ree Drummond, the food blogger. I LOOOOVE her blog and all her wonderful recipes. Plus she is an amazing photographer too. Well she came to KC Monday night for a book signing supporting her new cookbook. My wonderful husband agreed to drive Kate and I down there so we could hear her speak and get our cookbook signed.

You know how some people after you meet them its kind of a letdown? Well that was NOT the case with meeting Ree! She was exactly the way I imagined her, funny and friendly and so sweet. I have said it several times as I have been talking to people, but she must have been SO exhausted by the end of the book signing (her second that day). But she was just as friendly and gracious with those of us toward the end as those at the beginning of the line.

Her husband, Marlboro Man, and her boy punks were there as well. (Kate was disappointed her girls didn’t come) MM was so generous with his time, he walked thru the crowd talking, signing autographs, and posing for pictures. Her boys were BEYOND adorable. It was a great, totally memorable night.

Here is a pic of us with Ree, if you would like to see more pics I took, you can view them on Facebook HERE


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