Soap Nuts

I have been reading quite a bit about soap nuts around the internet. Many of the blogs I read deal with natural, frugal living and that includes making home made cleaners. One of the most popular tips I have come across is making your own laundry detergent using borax, washing soda and a bar of soap. Now, there are concerns that the borax isn’t really healthy to be using either. You can read more about borax concerns here and here.

Here is the company I have chosen to purchase from, after reading many reviews on the Internet.

NaturOil I have no experience with the company other than what I have read on blogs I frequent.I first read about them here at Passionate Homemaking. The writer has used other brands including the Maggie’s brand, but prefers the NaturOil, saying the are a better quality product. They sell a different variety, and the photos on their Amazon listing do look fresher than other photos I have seen. However In the interest of full disclosure, she is an affiliate for them. But she is also a godly woman and I trust her recommendation, and am happy to help her in her frugal journey.

It is my hope that I will be happy with the way that soap nuts clean, enough so that it can replace all my current cleaners. If it does, I will be buying in a very large quantity to help get my cost under 10 cents a load of laundry. Not as cheap as the home made laundry soap, but within an amount that my husband and I are comfortable with. Additionally, we use cold water to wash and I have read that can extend the life of the soap nut even further.

Here is the pricing break down:

4 oz (40 loads) 9.95

8 oz (80 loads) 12.75

16 oz (160 loads) 18.95

32 oz (320 loads) 28.95

48 oz (480 loads) 45.95

64 oz (640 loads) 58.95

Price comparison:

Tide 24 loads $10.15  (42 cents a load)

Purex 32 loads $7.00  (22 cents a load)

********If you are interested in trying a batch of these for yourself, please let me know, I am happy to share with you if you wouldn’t mind pitching in a dollar to pay for the cost of the muslin bag for your sample.*********

If you have read this far-THANK YOU, 🙂 I am really passionate about finding things to use around my home that are not harmful to us or our pets, and using something of God’s creation I think is even more exciting.

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