Still using my soap nuts

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In my first post about soap nuts I told you a lot about the nuts themselves and pricing information.

Now that I have been happily using them for a while, I thought I would share with you a review of sorts.

In the laundry, I have been very pleased. I am easily getting 7 washings out of a batch (five soap nuts). I only use cold water, so when I first use a batch I let it soak in a pint jar of  hot water for about five minutes, then I pour the water and the soap nuts in the washer.

After 7 or so washings, they go in a small pot on the stove with a little water and I make liquid concentrate. Warming the liquid to a boil and letting it steep all night seems to work well. I still have not had a soapnut that I would consider all used up, but after this, I really feel that I have gotten my money’s worth out them and I toss them out. (I do mash them as I am making the concentrate.)

My first batch of concentrate ( a weak one) worked really well for cleaning counters and mirrors, and hand washing dishes. I was not happy long term with the results in the dishwasher. I am hoping to try a stronger solution and see if I get good results, I’ll keep you posted.

Some things to remember:

Soapnuts are not a miracle detergent. Your laundry will not appear any cleaner than before, just clean. I still use an oxygen bleach like Oxiclean with each load.

Soapnuts are not a stain remover. Stains especially greasy ones, require pretreating.

Soapnuts have sweet smell to them, and the wet clothes from the washer will smell like them, but when dry, there is no scent, just clean and fresh.

There is very little sudsing with soapnuts, but if you take a peek in your washer while it is agitating, you will see it working.

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