Today we are home from church, Katie has a yucky cold, and even though she is always a trooper when she is sick, out of courtesy to our church friends, she and I stayed home. Something on Facebook caught my eye about “on this day” and it reminded me of a series of posts Cathy Zeilske did:  “On this day in Zeilske history“.

So I started going back in our photos to see if we had any good ones from this date. I realized that Feb/March are traditionally lean months for photo taking in the Wright home. I was reminded that this date is the birthday of a family friend who has gone to be with the Lord. And that we have been sick with colds on this date before.

And I re-discovered this:

On this date in 2009, I took Katie’s 11 year portraits. And while this is not the pose I chose to send to family and friends,  if I had it to do over again, I would. This is why I never delete photos- I never know how the passage of time (and technological advances) will effect how I look at my photos.



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